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Our monthly Workshops are normally enough to help with most problems associated with our GSD's. Sometimes, a private one on one can be a better option prior to attending the group function. It's also prudent when the issue is based in your own home such as barking at certain neighbors/dogs or other location based triggers.

Our three step plan for GSD's that are not comfortable in public is simple. A GSD is a pack driven animal, it's highly intelligent and most of all wants to please its leader. Using techniques with demonstrated performance we'll teach you to transform your dog into a well-balanced, tail wagging member of your pack.

Step one, a private training session, normally lasts 2-3 hours and includes an evaluation of your dog.Multiple exercises are taught to you and your family members so everyone is trained with the same mindset. You will learn how to control reactive/noisy dogs while resetting itsboundaries. We address the intelligence and desire to please aspects so your dog knows you're doing the thinking and minimize your dog making poor decisions.

Step two, after practicing the new exercises with your dog you can attend a Workshop amongst other GSD's. This will further hone your skills going into social or public situations. This is accelerated by the pack mentality around the other GSD's.

Step three, monthly Group Walks. While walking with eight to more than fifty GSD's as a group your dog learns proper social skills from the other dogs. This incorporates the "pack" mentality to its utmost. When a normally reactive dog walks with others it picks up on the pack's behavior and modifies its own.

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