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Come visit us every Friday night starting at 6:00
Animal Inn Training Center, Lake Elmo.
There is always something to do.

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Our club supports the German Shepherd Dog and our members by offering training, fun events, hosting competitions in several activities (both performance trials and conformation events) and opportunities for official certifications (Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog International, GSDCA Temperament Certification, etc.). It's important we continue to support each other's interests as it takes a village to run our Club and put on all these events, and we do it for the good of the breed and our members.


It's time for our Specialty Show Weekend May 31-June 2! This year we're also hosting the Midwest GSDCA Futurity & Maturity Show and our annual GSDCA Temperament Test! Attendance is free, so come on out. Click here for details or contact Show Chair Michael Metz with specific questions at lindenhillgsd@comcast.net.

Trophy Fund Donation time! Contact Laurie Schray 651-459-2411 or via eamil below to get your donations in!
Silver $5-$25; Gold $25-$50; Diamond $50-$100; Platinum $100 and up.
Laurie Schray: lschray@hotmail.com

Interested in working with dogs? The club is looking for two intern positions, one in obedience training and the other as a trainer working at a monthly workshop. The latter deals with people having issues with their dogs and bonding. More information can be found by clicking this link to the Pointy-Eared Training Socialization and Obedience Workshop. If you want to work with GSDs in an exciting capacity this is a great place to begin. If interested contact Andrea Lane at andrea.starprairie@gmail.com
or by phone: 651-390-5480

Check out the Club's Facebook page or the club newsletter the Shep-O-Gram Shep-O-Gram for event recaps and other club-related happenings.

Want Free Training? Volunteer at the Training Desk! - We are looking for volunteers to help out at the training desk on Friday nights. It's a great way to meet and get to know the students that love their GSDs, and other Club members like yourself. Great way to get involved! Reach out to Andrea Lane at training@gsdcmsp.org.

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Upcoming Events

Our 2024 events. Click the event below for more info.

To see the Club training schedule, events and meetings go to Club Calendar.